April ended with a splash of color!

We had an opportunity to provide a student from Emerald Ridge HS with a pair of EnChroma sunglasses. These glasses are designed for people that are colorblind and allow them to see the world in a whole new way. Ethan Halfaday has grown up without the ability to see color as most of us do. Ethan is also a young man of high character and and one that is committed to the success of his friends and teammates on the field and in the classroom. Ethan approaches life with a servant’s heart and doesn’t look for recognition because of his acts. He recently found out that he would no longer be able to play football (or any other contact sport) because of a series of injuries. He didn’t let this slow him down as he has remained committed to track and has begun the transition to the coaching side of football. We felt as though Ethan was more than worthy of this gift and it did not come at the expense of any scholarship dollars. The Foundation received a private donation specifically for this.

Because of this donation, like the many large and small before it, we have been able to make a positive impact in the lives of young men and women. May is going to be crazy as we will award 4 $1000 scholarships. We are working on a few fundraising ideas that will allow us to continue making an impact. If you want to help out with a small donation, we would absolutely put it to good use.

Have a great May!!


Ray Brassard