You Can Never Dream Too Big

SMSgt Byron Ball with Emerald Ridge HS ASL students.

SMSgt Byron Ball with Emerald Ridge HS ASL students.


It Only takes One pErson Believing in You to make a Difference…

SMSgt Byron Ball came to Emerald Ridge HS from Altus AFB (Altus, OK) in November of 2018 as the guest speaker at the Veterans Day Assembly. He was able to share stories of his life and of people that had made an impact on him. He spent quite a bit of time before and after the assembly touring the school and speaking with staff members and students.

SMSgt Ball wanted to make an impact that reached beyond the assembly and decided to fund a scholarship for a student at Emerald Ridge. SMSgt Ball had someone believe in him at a time in his life when he needed it. SMSgt Ball’s life could have taken a completely different path if not for Lt. General Dana Atkins believing in him and believing that he was better than the choices he was making.

Students from the Leadership Class at Emerald Ridge HS will select a student from the Class of 2019 that they believe is worthy of the scholarship. It was important to SMSgt Ball that the individual be selected by their peers. He wanted to recognize someone that others believe in, even if they don’t believe in themselves. The recipient of this scholarship can attend a post-secondary school of their choice. They can pursue a career of their choice. The only other requirement is that they not be afraid to dream too big.

You Can Never Dream Too Big Scholarship

Available at: Emerald Ridge HS

Amount: $1000


Scholarship recipient for the Class of 2019 from Emerald Ridge HS: Maddie Pennell