Donations are tax deductible!

July 2018 brought us some incredible news. We received a letter from the IRS indicating that donations to the Character In Life Foundation are tax deductible. All future donations and all donations that were made on or after April 5th, 2018 qualify. This is great news for all of the people and organizations that have supported us up to this point. This is also going to provide a huge benefit to those that decide to help us out. If you need a charitable donation to help out on your taxes, we can help you with that. If you know a company that would like to help support students and that would benefit from extra deductions, we can help with that.

We are still working on securing funds for our 2019 Gold Star Kid Scholarship and our 2019 Rogers High School Character In LIfe Scholarship. We have had great conversations with various people over the last few weeks that support what we are doing and believe in us. Many of those people have indicated that they want to donate. We just need them to put those words into action. Send it through the mail or send it electronically.

Looking ahead to the future and dreaming big. We are actively looking for individuals or companies that want to sponsor a scholarship that honors a fallen U.S. service member. Know someone that would like to be a part of that? Put them in contact with us.

Enjoy your weekend!

Ray Brassard